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Super Bowl? No…SOUPER BOWL!

This time of year, I like to not only keep warm, but also arm ourselves against all the colds and flu floating around. In one afternoon, I created three delicious, nutritious soups that will satisfy many occasions and purposes. My … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2013! After all the festivities of the holiday season, I’m ready to…well, cook AGAIN! This time, though, instead of the decadent, indulgent meals I’ve been enjoying for the past couple months, I’m diving head first into my quarterly … Continue reading

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The Chili!

Wow. This was an eye-opener. It made me realize how busy I really am. Getting off work late on Saturday night made me completely forget to soak the Christmas Limas and Black-Eyed Peas, so this chili is a lovely, lentil-laden version … Continue reading

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An Ode to Cast Iron

This time of year, there’s a distinct need for extra warmth. A hot cup of soup, a steaming bowl of stew, a perfectly roasted chicken; all of these can get their start in a sturdy, cast iron cooking vessel. These … Continue reading

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Last Minute Sides…

Are you still at a loss for what the supporting cast behind your Thanksgiving Bird will consist of? This year, I decided to try something new: consulting a magazine or two! While the inspiration for all of these sides came … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Friday #3

This week’s question: What time is dinner? *A confession, I made this video last week, before I had the “answer”. But there’s more information than just that answer! Just replace the word “soon” with the word “now,” and you’ll be … Continue reading

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