Baby, it’s cold outside…

No, I’m not singing that mildly creepy song, I’m working on warming up with some chili!!

I scoured some books and websites to come up with MY version of this cold-weather staple for an answer to this week’s question, “Do you have a good vegan/vegetarian chili recipe?” I decided not to go the easy route with “veggie crumbles,” or some other meat-ish-textured substance (though, some Soyrizo might make a delicious addition). I want to keep it whole…and, coincidentally, CHEAP!

I always keep some dry beans in my pantry, for those days when I’ve got time to simmer away. Usually, there’s a jar of lentils and then some other, more substantial legumes. This week, I realized I was running low! I have about a ½ cup of lentils, dry, and another ½ cup of a mixture of black-eyed peas and Christmas limas, also dry…hmm. Purrfect timing, no? The limas are obvious, but the black-eyed peas are often eaten for good luck in the New Year, so I guess I’ll be using these!

I also have about 1 cup of prepared lentils in the freezer, so, I have my base for this project. I wish I’d canned some of the tomatoes I got at the Farmer’s Market over the summer, but alas, I wasn’t thinking that far ahead. If this turns out to be a great recipe, I’m sure it’ll happen next year. I’m working like crazy now, so, finding the time to make this has become a tad tough, but I’ll have some time in the mornings over the weekend. I’ll also have to buy some canned (gasp!) tomatoes, but everything else is already in the house. Here’s what I have:

Lentils, cooked and dry

Christmas Lima Beans/Black Eyed Peas, dry

Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Celery and Bell Peppers (Yellow and Red)

Frozen, roasted Jalapeños

Lots of herbs and spices… (cumin, cayenne, smoked and sweet paprika, etc…)

Tomato paste

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up those canned tomatoes. Expect photos on Sunday. And, if you have a favorite chili recipe, or know of anything I should add, leave me a comment below!

Stay Warm, and have a Delicious Day!!

By the way, Farmer’s Market Frugal is now just $9.99!  Check it out on, or in the Createspace Marketplace!


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I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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