Now, we’ll never know…

If you’re here in California, you’re well aware of Prop 37. This initiative would have required “labeling of food sold to consumers made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways.” When I went to bed last night, the result was stil “too close to call”, something I had a very hard time believing. This morning, I was disappointed to learn that the measure was defeated. HOW? Genetically modified advertising!

Last month, polls showed a mere 25% of likely voters wouldn’t choose to label these items. And then, the ads rolled in. A barrage of corporate-cash-fuled TV and radio ads, brought to you by some of the worst offenders, worked their way into the state’s psyche and un-did the measure’s 60% majority.

“The “No on 37″ campaign amassed more than $45 million,* with the majority of funds coming from chemical and junk food companies. Major contributors included Monsanto ($8.1 million), DuPont ($5.4 million), PepsiCo ($2.14 million), Dow ($2 million), BASF Plant Science ($2 million), Syngenta ($2 million), and Bayer ($2 million).”
*From, The Center for Food Safety

FYI, Most corn and soy products are already genetically modified, in this country.  Buying organic is a good start in avoiding GMO’s, but many of these modifications have been made so that the produce doesn’t require much along the lines of pesticides, so again, we many never know.  But the concern has been raised and I’m sure this isn’t the last we hear about this important topic.  61 other nations already have the right to know what’s been done to their food, why not us?! I’m simply flummoxed.

What do you think?  Leave your comments below.

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Aaah.  Now I feel better.

Have a delicious day!!


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