Back to the Wednesday Market…

This week, I went to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and went a little nuts…

I had $46 with me, and came home with $7.85…needless to say, my fridge is VERY well-stocked!! So, with no further ado, here’s this week’s haul (photo taken on my phone, because The Boyfriend had my camera…)!

My Haul

Big bag of Grapefruit: $2.25

Mini Cherry Tomatoes: $4.00

Apricots: $1.95

Japanese Cucumbers: $3

Kale and Sugar Snap Peas: $4.00

1.5 Porcini Mushrooms: $8.00

Macadamia Nuts: $4.00

Stellar Salad Mix and Romaine: $6.00

Pinkerton Avocados: $3.oo

1 Dozen Cage Free/Free Range Eggs: $2.50

Total: $38.70!! Yeah, crazy.

Not to make excuses or anything, but The Boyfriend and I had been camping all weekend and got back on Monday to a fairly empty kitchen. We had a few ingredients left over from the trip, but not much to create any real satisfying meals. I’ve already enjoyed some of the Salad, studded with the Tomatoes, Cukes and Macadamias. Tonight’s dinner will be a luscious ode to Summer; featuring grilled bell peppers, eggplant and thinly sliced Porcini…at least, that’s my plan. Tune in next time to find out what deliciousness transpires!!

Enjoy this holiday weekend!!


About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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