Spring Preview…

Stinging Nettles. Not the most friendly member of the backyard regulars, but certainly the item that excited me the most after last week’s Market Run. Most years, I end up making a potato/nettle soup that, while tasty, It’s nothing really to write home about…and it’s gotta be pretty exciting for me to risk being covered with a bunch of itchy welts. So, this time, I started with a PESTO!

Three of this week’s featured players made a tasty splash in this dish. The Nettles, Macadamia Nuts and Green Garlic played very well together, making a smooth, creamy adornment to my homemade mushroom raviolis…raviolis that got just a little overcooked, so tossing them with the pesto would’ve gotten really ugly…

Next, a new favorite snack: Kale Chips! All I did to make these crispy bits of deliciousness was spray a parchment-lined sheet pan and the leaves with oil spray, sprinkle them with salt and bake them at 250° for about 30 minutes. So beautiful, so yummy and so incredibly healthy!!

The Bar Toscana menu continued to inspire me this week. My version of their Polentine features crispy cubes of baked polenta and my homemade marinara for dipping. This sauce was also spiked with the Green Garlic, as was the NZ Spinach-filled grilled “cheese” flatbread sandwich.

The other night, my friend Mischa came over for dinner. I decided to incorporate the haul into Taco Night. The Green Garlic (of course), the Salmon and the Avocado were all involved in making these Seafood Tacos incredibly tasty.

Another bit of mild excitement…yeah, I’m kinda easily amused these days. An evening eating solo! Okay, now, I LOVE cooking for My Teddy Bear, especially because he’s always so appreciative. But, sometimes, I need intense, outright blatant Garlic Flavor… or something else I know he wouldn’t like. On those nights when he has to miss dinner, I make something he’d run from…this time, it was these beautiful Steamed Manila Clams with lots of Green Garlic, parsley and lemongrass. He’s not a fan of mollusks either, so this was all about me!

So, the food fun goes on, and of course when this week’s Wednesday Market rolled around, I was there! This time, I took my neighbor, Andrea, who was curious about creating some healthy meals…now she’s hooked, and coming with me next time, too!

So what did I get this time?

My Haul

Arugula: $2

Oro Blanco Grapefruit: $1.50

Pea Shoots: $1.50

Maitake Mushrooms: $5

Stellar Salad Mix: $3.80

Apples and Asian Pears: $3

Total: $16.80!!

This will be a delicious week!

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Stay tuned for what’s next, and stay hungry!


About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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