Culinary Therapy

The past few weeks have been challenging.  My work schedule has been kind of irritating, I’ve gotten lots of bad news…just a rough time.  How do I deal with it?  Some people are emotional eaters, I’m an emotional cook.

This week, the highly nutritious Asparagus and Ruby Streak were major players.  Having so much turbulence in my life made me want to shore up my defenses with foods that protect and heal.

This breakfast was one of those beautiful, delicious, healing meals.  The thin Egg crepe encased grilled Asparagus, raw Ruby Streak and Nova Smoked Salmon (My Honey’s crepe had cheese inside instead of the fish).  On the side, there’s a wee salad of Ruby Streak, tomatoes, shallots and Asparagus tips.  In the foreground; The Boyfriend’s famous Potato Cake, based on his Father’s recipe.  We had a combination of comfort food and comforting nutrients that was not only delicious, but made life a little easier for the moment.

Good ol’ Ruby Streak again!  She went so well with this poached Egg/ Wild Rice/ Walnut Vinaigrette combo…yet another breakfast that scores high on the nutrition scale.

We’ve been pretty busy lately, too.  I haven’t had much time to create lunches or plan dinners; so in order to have healthy options at the ready, I chopped up the Carrots, some celery, fennel and parsnips and stored them conveniently.  Some of these got dipped in hummus and eaten as snacks, some got chopped further and ended up here:

I made two jars of this soup.  It’s so simple, but the flavor is so uplifting because it’s spiked with one of my favorite flavors: saffron.  From the haul, some Carrots and a few sprigs of Asparagus were the only items that made it into this veggie-packed broth.  However, the broth itself probably holds 80% organic, farmer’s market ingredients.  How? 

As I prep ingredients for meals or storage, there are always some pieces that don’t make it into the main event.  Onion ends, asparagus bottoms, leek tops and herb stems are just the beginning when describing the contents of my Stock Bag.  All the parts that don’t get used for eating get stored in a 1-Gallon freezer bag  over the course of the week.  When I need stock, I roast these veggie bits until they get a little color and then simmer them in water until the broth becomes golden brown.  I keep one ice cube tray specifically for stock, making it easy to add to recipes in small amounts; and I keep a quart jar or two in the fridge.  It’s a simple thing I like to do to make healthy eating automatic! 

Some days, the simplest comfort food does the job.  Whole grain linguine with Ruby Streak, crimini mushrooms and toasted walnuts, dressed with a vinaigrette of hazelnut oil and lemon juice.  This lunch was soothing while also providing lots of amazing nutrients.

This week, I also had a fabulous lunch with some college buddies.  Stay tuned for a profile of our market fresh meal and a feature on an exciting, new product!

What comfort foods are vital for soothing your jangled nerves?  Drop me a comment to join the conversation 🙂


About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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2 Responses to Culinary Therapy

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh no! I hope things are on the up and up. Food that soothes me? PASTA. Always pasta. I love the picture of the poached egg. I can never seem to do it right. And hazelnut oil?! Never had it but it sounds like something I’ve been missing all my life.

    Happy Friday, Cat. Be well!

  2. Cat says:

    Thanx for the support, there’s only so much sour news one can take before retreating to the kitchen…things have certainly improved, however, so you’ll hafta stop by the store for a kinda cool surprise!

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