A return to the basics…

My visit to the auld neighborhood was a brief one. It was a grey, drizzly day, so many of the vendors didn’t show up. There were a few things that stood out to me, and here they are…

My Wee Haul

Apples: $1.20

Zucchini: $2

Bacon Avocados: $3

Total: $6.20!!

We still had quite a bit of produce in the fridge, so a larger haul would’ve been wasteful. I ate one of the Apples moments after this photo was taken; the one on the left, I think. How could I resist? The other one became a workday snack. What about the Avocados and Zucchini? Take a look.

Whole Grain Rye Bread, spread with Avocado and topped with shredded Radicchio and crispy, Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon

After the Apple I had for a snack, I realized it was lunchtime! This simple, tasty lunch was made decadent when I put the Nova Smoked Salmon in a hot, cast iron pan and toasted it until it was nice and crispy around the edges. It was eerily bacon-like in flavor, texture and even scent! The array of colors made it beautiful. Thin slices of the Apple I’d just eaten would’ve fit right in on this open-faced darling; maybe next time!

Parsnips, Zucchini, Onions and Langoustines…oh my!

Roasting the vegetables in this dish created a soft, caramelized sweetness that’s punctuated by the briny umami in the Langoustines (available frozen from Trader Joe’s). They were finished in the pan sauce I created from the fond left in the pan by the veggies. The Boyfriend had the same veggies, with chicken. He surprised me by taking the leftover Parsnips, which were still in the pan, and adding them to his plate. Parsnips have been on his *blecch* list for a long time! He thought they were potatoes! But, even after tasting them, he still loved ’em! I love when that happens!

This simple preparation consists only of the main ingredients, olive oil, salt, pepper and veggie broth. So easy, sooo good!

Zucchini, Purple Cauliflower and Langoustines

Here’s the simplest possible Tale of Two Hauls. From the Culver City market, I still had some leftover Purple Cauliflower. I sautéed this with the Langoustines, while the zucchini rounds got nicely caramelized in the cast iron pan.

There’s more…

I was recently asked about how I shop in the regular grocery store to compliment my Farmer’s Market Runs. It takes some planning, but the time is sooo worth it. I’m on a strict budget, so I only spend so much each week, but I want as much organic produce as possible! I keep a current list in my wallet of The Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables that are the most worthwhile to buy organic. When those items show up on our grocery list, I look for them in the Farmer’s Market or the Organic section. Anything with an inedible skin is usually okay when grown conventionally.

Locally, Ralph’s, a member of the Kroger family of grocers, has recently started posting “Locally Grown” signs where applicable and I’ve even found names of specific farms sometimes. I have yet to trace any of these, but trust me, I will! Keeping an eye out for these signs and shopping accordingly lets the store know this is important to their customers.

I’m always looking for new markets to check out. If you have a favorite in the LA area, let me know!

My next Market Run will probably be Friday morning in Venice, CA. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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2 Responses to A return to the basics…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Great post, Cat!! I just subscribed to the newsletter. I love the pictures; were they taken with your new camera? I especially like the ones with the langoustines. YUM! That salad spinner you asked about is from your store — it’s the collapsible one.

    AND, thanks for sharing the ‘dirty dozen’ — I might pass that on to my readers, too!

  2. YES! My new camera has been employed since Christmas dinner. I sooo love it!

    I think I saw that spinner today, the Progressive one? We’re doing inventory on Sunday, so I’ve gotten far too much face time with everything in stock!

    I love that website for the Dirty Dozen list, because it does change. I check it at least once or twice per season. They also include the saftest produce list. Spread the word!!

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