Busy, rainy days…

I miss the market. I haven’t been in over a week, and I’m feelin’ a little stagnant. Thankfully, I have enough produce left from my last visit to add to our Christmas Dinner!

What Remains…

But, on these days when my work schedule doesn’t allow me to be home for dinner, or get to the market in a timely fashion, I really feel disconnected. Getting home late has me eating a small snack after work instead of a proper meal. I may have a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts, (I still have one Farmer’s Market persimmon left!) or a nutrition bar with a glass of wine or cup of tea…not my idea of ‘dinner.’

One of these rain-soaked nights, however, I was desperate to get out and enjoy some delicious, creative cuisine. Bar Toscana to the rescue!

A few weeks earlier, I’d helped the chef find some service items at Sur La Table. As he described what he’d be making, I knew I’d have to check it out. This small, sensuously adorned addendum to the legendary Toscana, in Brentwood is sure to become a regular stop for me. The menu of small plates, or stuzzichini, features a colorful assortment of market fresh produce, artisan cheeses and loads of luxurious flavors. The cocktail menu is a dreamy list of aromatic, intensely flavored concoctions that will have me returning often, so I can try them all!

Check out the menu here, and see if you can resist! I’ve been attempting to copy some of the items I enjoyed there, and you’ll see my versions in the Christmas Dinner issue!

Until then…

What are you doing for the remaining holiday season? Any exciting meals or drinks on the horizon? Leave a comment and join the conversation!


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About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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2 Responses to Busy, rainy days…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Your produce is still so beautiful! How do you do that? Show me the way. As for Toscana, I’m sold. I’ll have to pop in before winter break is over. Let me know how your experimenting in the kitchen goes and I’d love to get your new newsletter! How do I sign up?

  2. OrganiCat says:

    Hiya Steph!
    I’m still figuring out how to do this newsletter. The first edition is written, but I don’t want to just send it as a link. Until I get this all sorted, consider yourself signed up!

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