The Potluck…

Last week, I was asked to bring some Vegetarian dishes to a dinner party…well, here’s what I brought!

Parsnips and Purple and Golden Carrots, roasted and garnished with fresh Mint.

Dinosaur and Red Russian Kale, with toasted Walnuts

These were the simplest options I could come up with, in hopes of appealing to a range of palates. Tonight, the left over Kale dish will be blended with Veggie Broth and garnished with Dungeness Crab to create a luxurious soup…I can’t wait for dinner!

This time of year, I tend to eat loads of vegetables and soups. This helps to keep away most of the seasonal illnesses that tend to go around. Unfortunately, last week, I got my first taste of Strep Throat. All these hearty, nutrient-packed, soothing meals; in conjunction with a well-timed antibiotic prescription made for a quick recovery.

How do you stave off the ills of the season? Leave a comment and join the discussion!

Coming soon: My monthly newsletter, featuring Seasonal Nutrition Tips, Recipes, Food News and much, much more! Stay Tuned!


About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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One Response to The Potluck…

  1. uclalamb says:

    Apparently, I need to invite you to my next shindig. Can’t wait for the seasonal nutrition tips — I always struggle with figuring out what’s in season and out of season, and how to keep my nutrition in line with the weather.

    I don’t have a special way of fending off the ills. Usually, it just involves sleeping enough and lots of hot tea. Haven’t been sick in years (knock on wood!)



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