The Last of the Leftovers…

Aah, Taco Night; a ritual created in reverence to my Boyfriend’s love of Mexican food. Whenever we have an abundance of meat in the house, it’ll inevitably end up in a taco some night. With so much turkey crammed away in the fridge, it simply had to happen…

I can’t believe this was the best shot…ANYWAY! Some of the unused Brussels Sprouts got shredded and tossed with shaved Fennel and Onions to form a bed of greens for these yummy tacos. The Turkey was laid atop these greens, adorned with my Honey’s homemade salsa and garnished with a flourish of Cilantro leaves.

Here, I wanted to make the most of the leftover roasted veggies. I toasted some walnuts, added a couple tablespoons of David’s Unforgettables Barbeque Sauce, grabbed a couple handfuls of Baby Spinach and tossed them all in before re-heating. Once heated (and while the brown/wild rice mixture was re-heating), I added some flaked, smoked salmon to the mix. This was a hearty, tasty ode to late Autumn in the Northwest. I really miss it this time of year, when the weather doesn’t quite match what my idea of Fall should be!

I love mushrooms; the wilder the better! Here, a simple meal with an intense array of flavor. I used the last of the Clearwater Farms Chanterelles, combined with some Criminis, toasted Walnuts, Shallots, Garlic and Anchovies as a base for this sumptuous sauce. After sautéing these all together, I deglazed the pan with red wine and cognac. Once the flavor had been adequately gathered from the bottom of the pan, I added a scant cup of veggie stock, and reduced it down until I got the consistency I wanted. I added the al dente Brown Rice Spaghetti to the sauce and let it finish cooking, while absorbing all the mushroomy goodness. The bright garnish of Baby Spinach leaves and Red Pepper Flakes made it pretty.

This fiery-looking brew is a cleansing combination of Beets and Red Bell Peppers. Both had been roasted, as was the Garlic I added. I sautéed a red onion, then added the aforementioned ingredients, a pint of veggie stock and a pint of water. Once everything was as soft as I wanted them to be, I got out my immersion blender and whizzed them down to a smooth consistency. I cut up one of those Mexicola Avocados for a garnish, and served the soup with two types of bread. I felt sooo healthy after this dinner!

This just looked too good to ignore; but it’s also a handy tool. When we’re sitting in front of our Prime Time TV favorites, the urge to nibble is often too much to resist. But, in this time of indulgent foods, coughing and sneezing shouldn’t our snacks be beneficial? We’ve placed vases of fruit around the living/dining room areas, making healthy snacking automatic. The Vitamin A we get from these orange-hued foods supports our skin in these drier-than-usual days and their Vitamin C protects us from that Thing that’s going around.

What measures do you take to ensure healthy eating this time of year?

Leave me a comment and join the discussion!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Market Run!


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I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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One Response to The Last of the Leftovers…

  1. OrganiCat says:

    Somehow, I still got “that Thing,” but, at least it seems to be clearing up quickly :-L (that’s me with my thermometer)

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