Pre-Turkey Time!!

I know how close I’m cutting this. I would’ve loved to get this post out earlier, but I had to go to the Farmer’s Market!! Today, I went to my favorite Wednesday Santa Monica Market, without a budget…in fact, I’m really not sure how much I spent! I know I had about $50 in my pocket when I got there, but before my last few purchases, I had to consult the ATM for assistance.

This is my personal tradition for my favorite holiday; getting what I want to cook, for whatever it costs! While I’m usually a Penny-Pinching-Pud, I can drop that façade in an instant for Thanksgiving…it’s ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!

This trip left me laden with Brussels Sprouts, Chanterelles, Persimmons, Foliage for the table, Herbs, a Stellar Salad Mix, Eggs, Avocados, Carrots, Figs, Grape Tomatoes and Rapini…I my camera wouldn’t work for me before I had to start using the ingredients, so there’s no group shot, but stay tuned for the grand reveal; Thanksgiving Dinner!!!

In the upcoming posts, I’ll also be discussing the leftovers and what they’ll become. But in the meantime, here’s that amazing Tempha Sandwich and a few ideas for your autumnal table:

My parents were in town for a few days this month, and, of course I had to make an attempt at impressing them. Here, you see a chicken I roasted, surrounded by Farmer’s Market veggies; Green Beans, Yukon Gold Potatoes and Japanese Sweet Potatoes. The spuds were all roasted and the beans were pan-roasted atop the stove.

A couple nights later, they were back for more: leftover spuds were dressed up with chives, Kale was sautéed, and a lovely filet of King Salmon was baked with a yummy glaze…I had to taste it before I picked up the camera (and we actually used the big plates that night…)!

Here’s another ‘his n hers pizza’, featuring Bell Peppers from the Farmer’s Market. This one is almost a tart, as it’s on puff pastry. His side has sausage and actual cheese, and mine has the veggies and yet another vegan ‘cheese.’

My favorite cold-season breakfast is a pumpkin porridge of steel-cut oats. This day, it was adorned with Persimmons, pomegranate seeds and pecans…mmm, soothing!

Mmmm, pumpkin soup! I made this one from a can of pumpkin puree, but the salad came from the Market, the Sage did, too!! Simply, this was a healthy way to silence our hunger!

Here’s a rockin’ solution to ‘not enough ingredients, but loads of ideas…’. I tossed the last of the Kale from the market, with toasted nuts, leftover salmon and a little warm vinaigrette…grubbin!

And finally, that sandwich!!! That was a meal almost totally from the Farmer’s Market! The Bread and Tempha came from the Thursday VA Campus Market and the Romaine and Tomato came from the Sunday West LA one.

Stay tuned for my Thanksgiving Eatsravaganza!!!!

Be Delicious!


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I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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