If this isn’t Autumnal, I don’t know what is…

So, a few days ago a butternut squash leapt into my cart at Trader Joes. Literally, it rolled right in. I was grateful because it helped me decide between all the different squash varieties they had!

I was then torn between preparations; should I roast, sauté, mash or ‘soup’?

So, I cut it in half.

The first half went into this soup that really gilded the lily…

Not only was it butternut squash soup, but it was filled with other elements that, to me, scream FALL!! …not down though, you’ll miss your soup.

Smoked, wild Alaskan Salmon, lots of Sage, red Onion and David’s Chanterelle Mushrooms rounded out the bowlful of October…it was sooooo much better the next day for lunch, with a big chunk of bread that, well, yeah I baked again! Wanna see it?? Lemme know! Want to know what became of the other half of that squash?

…Stay tuned!

What happened after that meal? Dessert!

I didn’t make a thing…for once.

Earlier that day, I had the privilege of meeting another young entrepeneuse; Jessica Steinberg. She’s on a quest to tempt the world with her tantalizing homemade treat: English Toffee! I was the fortunate recipient of a sample, which my Honey and I shared…,Oh Yeah.

This pic was taken in the brief moment between when I first tasted it and when my Boyfriend sensed something delicious was afoot…from the moment he saw it, I knew it would be… It’s gone now.

I think I’ll have to make this treat a regular item in my kitchen!! Check out Jessica’s Blog and treat yourself to some meltingly sweet deliciousness! Mmmmm.


About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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