Eggplant, figs and squash in cognito…

We really like our snacks in this household. A chip, a dip or something slathered on toast can quickly turn into a meal for us! My honey loves his chips and salsa, while I’m more of a tapenade/bruschetta babe. But, when his nose leads him to the kitchen with a smile on his face, I know he’ll enjoy whatever is being conjured.

Here’s the first example of a dish that trumped his eggplant prejudice!

Slowly baked with stock and red wine, the eggplant, figs, shallots and rosemary, this sweet/savory chutney made a delicious topping for the 10-grain bread I’d baked that day. I still have some eggplant left, and will incorporate it with the leftovers from the last haul for a reprise of my party dish that created two new eggplant fans!

My boyfriend doesn’t get much in the line of red meat living with me, so when I find a deal on some good stuff (bison, grass-fed beef, etc…), I like to make it really special. We had some sirloin left after I made him a beef version of those Korean Tacos, and I had a surplus of carrots I wanted to use before they went all dry and tasteless; so I made some beef stew and hid some lovely yellow veggies in there, which he actually enjoyed!

Can you see the squash? I don’t think so!!!

While my Honey tucked into his stew, I enjoyed an impromptu combination of veggies and beans that, though I already love all the elements, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out…all I can say is OMG.

Swiss Chard, white beans, shredded carrots, squash and lemon zest were all I needed to make something I was not only quite proud of, but will definitely make again.

I usually have an egg with my grains in the morning, but sometimes I want something a little sweeter. This next dish is a yummy combo of Buckwheat, Millet, Figs, Soy Yogurt and a sprinkle of Cinnamon.

This turned out to be a warming, sweet start to that cool, drizzly day. YUM.

Stay tuned for more eggplant and a new haul from the Santa Monica Wednesday Market!


About OrganiCat

I'm a fresh food fanatic, here to inspire and expand the world's relationship with farmer's market fare!
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One Response to Eggplant, figs and squash in cognito…

  1. vickie paquette says:

    Loving this Cat! Especially the eggplant fig combo. Looking forward to more next week.

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